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Just outside of The Hague, The Netherlands, near the NorthSea Beach. My name is Michiel Eilbracht and I’ve been around for some years now, engineering, mixing, mastering, editing, authoring, writing, performing, playing, producing. Started out as a free-lance engineer/musician and finally got my own studio for some ten years now.

What can we do for you?

From mixing, mastering to producing, video and multimedia. Browse the site to find out more about our disciplines and if you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them!

Gear & Clients

Check out the gear- and client page to find out more about the stuff we work with and the people we work for.

Mastering is basically preparing your mixes for the physical and/or digital replication of your cd/dvd and/or media presentation. Adjusting the final eq and compression and listing your songs in the right order with the proper fade in/fade out and pauzes in between.

We use both analog and digital equipment for this matter (Manley, Dangerous Music, Avalon, Waves, BrainWorx, etc.) and can provide you with both physical and digital replication masters (DDP 2.0).


You can upload your songs using e.g. WeTransfer.


Kraak & Smaak, Ilanois, Sven Hammond Soul, Shary An, Niels Geusebroek, Kern Koppen, DearWorld, Bazzookas, Esther Nijhove, Jan Wouter Oostenrijk, etc.

(as per 01.2016)

Our prices are as follows (ex. VAT/BTW):

# songs amount
1 € 44,–
2 € 88,–
3 € 132,–
4 € 176,–
5 € 209,–
6 € 250,80
7 € 292,60
8 € 334,40
9 € 376,20
10 € 418,–
11-15 add € 41,80 to € 396,– for each additional song.
DDP construction *) € 25,–

*) DDP (Disc Description Protocol) – DDP files are used when sending music to a CD manufacturer (also used for DVD formats). DDP files allow you to set all of the parameters for the CD such as the exact gap between each song, the cross fades and other information. A DDP file allows the producer and mastering engineer to have complete control over all parameters for the CD, therefore it is recommended for critical applications when you have very specific artistic needs for the production.

For every adjustment after the first mastering session, add € 27,50 per song. Add € 15,– for a physical cd and postage within The Netherlands (this includes a ‘listen copy’ besides the master reproduction cd).

Attending mastering sessions (meaning you will be present during the mastering session) and more than 15 songs on request only.